Cabal Iron Curtain Revealed

Cabal Iron Curtain Revealed, The Men Behind The Anus

Seriously?!? Me? Never!
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I don’t know the creator of this video-but it’s genius! Mueller Closing in, but also stupid, cause their is actually no parties in politics just cash in the back pocket and sometimes presidents get to change things, but exactly how they would like! Same as it ever was!

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Brave Vladimir Putin has banned Jacob Rothschild and his New World Order banking cartel family from entering Russian territory “under any circumstances.”

Putin recently reminded his cabinet that he paid off the Rothschild’s debt and “grabbed them by the scruff of the neck and kicked them out Russia’s back door.”

 This meeting featured the President pounding his fist on the table and vowing to destroy the New World Order, and according to a Kremlin source Putin is making great strides towards this goal.

They do not own the world, and they do not have carte blanch to do whatever they want. If we do not challenge them there will be other issues. We will not be bullied by them.”

 It is understood that the Rothschild banking racket was a noose tied around the neck of the Russian economy. Once the knot was tightened, the economy would struggle and choke.

Join us at an upcoming event! Canadian billionaire businessman Ned Goodman predicts the end of the U.S. Dollar as the world’s reserve currency. He says the transition out of the U.S. Dollar will become, “…quite ugly.” He delivered the lecture at Cambridge House’s Toronto Resource Investment Conference 2013 on Thursday, September 12, 2013. Stay Connected!

We go apartment hunting in New York, talk Animal Crossing, and discuss future channel plans in our very first vlog. Look forward to Cybapunk Sunday this weekend, as well as a new horror series in the coming week! And maybe an Animal Crossing series soon as well. ALSO Danielle misgenders Rocket, sorry!!

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Icelandic people refused to comply with their government demands and they took action about the matter. After this happened, the economy of Iceland started to increase very fast!

The great story of how Iceland ripped itself loose out of the claws of the Elite who wished to indoctrinate Iceland into their New World Order. Rebroadcasting this news item, as it was found, unchanged, under the fair use policy and the peoples right to know. This channel is a 100% non profit information channel that backs up essential irreplaceable truthful information.

HUNGARY ORDERED ROTHSCHILD BANKS to LEAVE THE COUNTRY. “Hungary borrowed €20 billion loan to avoid becoming insolvent during the economic crisis in 2008. But the debtee debtor relationship has not been smooth sailing… Paying the loan back early has meant Hungary have saved €11.7 million worth of interest expenses, but Gordan Bajnai, leader of the electoral alliance E14-PM, claimed that they had actually lost €44.86 million by March 2014 because of the early repayment as all they did was replace the loan from the International Mafia Federation (another nickname, we’re still talking about the IMF here) with a more expensive one, labelling the stunt as Propaganda.” (Link 1 below) ~~ Links: 1)… 2)… 3) Thumbnail image – Rothschild Bank out of Hungary Hungary, in 2013, finally kicked out the International Monetary Fund (IMF) from its country.… 4) Music – Youtube Audio Library “Ambient Ambulance”.

By refusing to buckle under pressure from the U.S. government and bank agencies, Bolivia has re-asserted its monetary freedom. Not only is Bolivia the first country in South America to cut ties with the IMF, it is now the fastest growing economy, thanks to President Evo Morales. Being the first president of indigenous Ayamara descent, Morales has focused heavily on poverty reduction and combating the influence of multinational corporations. As the world awakens to the fact that humanity is controlled by an elite 1% of the population, the Rothschilds and families like it begin to lose their stranglehold on the global economy and governing bodies.

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President Duterte has vowed to “eradicate all traces of Rothschild financial criminality” from the Philippines, announcing that he will no longer respond to pressure or financial blackmail from the US government or Rothschild-controlled global banking institutions. The president, who claims to have killed cartel bosses with his own hands, is not one to be bullied, and he has now set his sights on cleaning up the financial corruption in his country, promising to “drive them out like the scavengers they are.“ Before Rodrigo Duterte assumed the office of president, the Philippines was suffering from the effects of IMF/World Bank-imposed austerity and privatization that exploited its people and resources. It was also one of Asia’s most corrupt and troubled nations. Though the Filipino people, through strong showings of popular resistance over a period of years, were able to curb some of the most rampant crony corruption, many of the shackles imposed by these Rothschild-controlled institutions remained. President Duterte rode into power campaigning on a ticket of major change, but unlike Western politicians who pay lip service to change before letting down their supporters, the Philippines president has delivered on his promises – in spades. During the election campaign Duterte urged the people to kill him if he failed to resolve crime and corruption in the country during the first six months of his term. Over one year into his term and he has delivered on his promises. He’s now famous for more than calling President Obama a “son of a whore” at a regional summit in Laos last year. Much to the Rothschild-controlled international community’s outrage, Duterte is shooting from the hip, and cleaning up his country. In 2016, after warning those involved in the narcotics trade that “it’s either you kill me or I kill you“, an astonishing 1,007,153 narcotics criminals surrended to government, and 73 government officials were arrested for involvement in the illegal drug trade. Billions of dollars worth of narcotics were seized, showing what can be done in a short timeframe if the problem is tackled seriously. Now the president is going after tax-dodging oligarchs and multination corporations who haven’t paid a cent for decades. The elites and their media empires held former regimes to ransom. But they have no power over Duterte. And they are actually paying up. How does Duterte get away with taking on the rich and powerful? It’s simple. He boasts a massive 83% popular approval rating across the country. The oligarchs cannot use the mainstream media to destroy him because the people don’t trust what the media says anymore. The people trust Duterte because unlike generations of politicians who came before him, he actually does what he says. His plain speaking enrages the powers that be in the West, who have waged war against him through their propaganda channels in the media. But whose judgement should we trust – the global cabal, or his own people? Duterte delivers When he says he will “eradicate all traces of Rothschild financial criminality” from his country, there is no question he will follow through, despite the inherent risks. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) and US-dominated World Bank have been major players in the global economic landscape ever since their creation in 1944. These international banking organizations, which are privately controlled by the notorious Rothschild banking family, first pressure nations to deregulate their financial sector, allowing private banks to loot their economies. Once the governments are forced to bail-out their deregulated financial sector, the IMF or World Bank sets up a loan package written in secret by central bankers and finance ministers that undermine their national sovereignty and force them to adopt policies of austerity that harm workers, families, and the environment. The Philippines have become the first Asian country to grow wise to the ruse. They have worked hard to gain financial independence and are now in the process of kicking the Rothschild controlled banks out of their country. The Philippines transformation under Duterte proves that any nation, no matter how impoverished and troubled, can throw off the shackles imposed by international bankers and trade in death and destruction and return the power to the people.

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