Collapse Inevitable Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro

Collapse Inevitable Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro

Nicolas Maduro Mystic-1Venezuelan army takes over food distribution services.
Military put in charge of food distribution.
Key ports as country suffers from shortages of basic goods.

Law officers stand on a street during protests in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, U.S., July 10, 2016. REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton - RTSHAI9
Law officers stand on a street during protests in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, U.S., July 10, 2016. REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton – RTSHAI9

Collapse Inevitable Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro; On Monday, July-11-2016, Venezuela’s government said it was reactivating a factory belonging to the US company Kimberly-Clark, after the consumer products giant announced last week that it was suspending operations because of the country’s deteriorating economic situation brought on by international pressure.

President Nicolas Maduro on Tuesday placed Venezuela’s military in control over the five major sea ports in the country. President Nicolas Maduro giving his country’s armed forces economic promotion as Venezuela struggles under a dire economic and political crisis as thousands die of starvation.

In the past month desease have taken lives of countless children as Venezuela’s medical/pharmaceutical industries leave the country. Currently over 500 hundred reported accounts of civilians have been killed in clashes with security forces an in food riots cause of death.

Citibank’s move was the latest in a string of financial closures, and others scaling back operations of foreign companies operating in Venezuela do to the onset of global conflicts.  Such as Coca-Cola, US food giant The Kraft Heinz company, Clorox and airlines Lufthansa, Aeromexico and American Airlines have either closed, or moved out of the country.

Nicolas Maduro MysticAll Factories Closed or Suspended

The Venezuela collapse occurred through multinational firms shutting down businesses, shops, stores, and all business interactions and transactions.

On Tuesday, the US bank Citibank confirming it had closed the government’s overseas payments account worse than globalist sanctions.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro had deep meaningful biblical prophetic conversations with Hugo Chaves head attached on top a little bird that replaced the little birdies head

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro gave prophecy that linked Citibank’s move to a “financial blockade” like a big Nazi battleship.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said, “That the Ashkenazim bankster cabal is manipulating Venezuela’s financial market taking over planet earth into impoverished populations by a billionaire globalist government kings over earth and the entire stellar-system.”

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said, “This cabal is currently manipulating other countries world-wide by remanufacturing similar financial/economic events occurring differently with same end results monopolizing world domination into their possession entirely.”

Nicolas Maduro Mystic-160-Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said, “This little Hugo Chavez headed birdie foretold grave warning of our world an impending doom like shall consume it like a mighty PAC-MAN. This shall come to pass as an ice-age and woolly mammoth lizard dinosaurs coming to life again giving sign to the returning of the biblical Messiah as Hugo Chavez.”

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro once began chanting before thousands of Venezuelans saying, “Hugo Chavez. Hugo Chavez. Hugo Chavez then bows his head.”

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro afterwards raises his head and said, “Since Hugo Chavez ascended to heaven less than two months ago during the run-up to the election things have changed.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has mentioned his former master and saviors name over 7,000 times in public.

That is well over 100 times a day.

Nicolas Maduro Mystic-Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro made prophecy chants influenced Hugo Chavez returning to life as a messiah.

The Messiah prophecy in the holy Bible to save the earth and the entire stellar system as Hugo Chavez.”

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro claims that Hugo Chavez appear to him in a visions everyday and in his dreams at night.

Hugo Chavez told him, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, was not getting enough sleep and to stop taking hallucinogenic mushrooms.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro believes he is a mystical now as a shaman and he has been ingesting hallucinogenic mushrooms.

Hugo Chavez appeared to him as a very small bird, and Hugo Chavez head is attached to the little bird that spoke to him when he is not dreaming.

enezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said, Hugo Chavez said this to him via little birdie whistles, and said this;  “Today the battle starts. Go to the victory. You have our blessings.”

Yes, the new leader of Venezuela, (President Nicolas Maduro), said that the dead former Venezuelan President appeared to him as a  Hugo Chavez as a little bird, communicated to him via whistles, and assured him that the Maduro campaign had the full blessing of Hugo Chavez’s.

Hugo Chavez discovered he had cancer a couple of years ago and died of it two months ago.

Venezuelan has opened an official investigation into the death of Chavez, accusing the AshkeNazi Bankster Cabal and the United States of being behind it.

“We have the intuition that our Commander Chavez was poisoned by dark cabal forces that wanted him out of the way,” says Maduro.

Nicolas Maduro Mystic-29The late Hugo Chavez chirped in whistles, that;  “Yes, what these mere globalist cabal mortals need is the facts and with Maduro’s intuition will usher in the return of Hugo Chavez.”

Upon the Catholic Church choosing a Latin American to be its leader for the first time in history, Maduro insisted there were greater powers at play up in Heaven when God elected Hugo Chavez as the New Jesus-Christ Biblical Messiah.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said, “We know that our commander ascended to the heights and is face-to-face with Christ taking his crown as his own.

This is that something which influenced the choice of a South American pope, someone newly arrived at Jesus-Christ’s side becoming the new messiah, commander and chief Messiah to save the world and our stellar system and Maduro knowing this Hugos Chavez chirped in whistles said to him: ‘Well, it seems to us South America’s time has come.”

The new Venezuelan president then mentioned that Chavez “may also call a constitutional assembly in Heaven at any moment to change the church on Earth into a heavenly Chavizhismo.”

After Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro claiming that opposition candidate Henrique Capriles had brought in Colombian mercenaries to destabilize Venezuela lead by the Ashkenazi-Jewish bankers, Maduro declared: “The first thing we have to do is shoot [Capriles] legally, make him resign his office, and take him prisoner.”

One would think that you would take him prisoner first and then shoot him, but these human folly’s work differently in the world now.

Nicolas Maduro Mystic-150-Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro government had used the account to make payments in the US and elsewhere in the world.

The announcement came weeks after violent protests began over food shortages across the nation, because the U.S., The AshkeNazi-Jewish Cabal, the globalists and space aliens made this secretly happen.

A drop in oil prices has left Venezuela’s economy in tatters, and the lack of hard currency and inflation have starved the country of food, medicine and consumer goods.

On Sunday, Venezuela opened its closed border to Colombia to allow thousands of people to cross to buy food and other staples there.

The initiative to boost production and guarantee the smooth distribution of food supplies in the face of what he called economic sabotage by his mysterious cabal opponents.

The military will oversee production of food and medicine in “a great operation to fight the economic war”, Maduro said.
“Today, we are taking five fundamental ports of the country: Guanta, La Guaira, Puerto Cabello, Maracaibo and Guamache,” Maduro said on state television after meeting Vladimir Padrino Lopez, his defence minister general.

Venezuela’s military has taken charge of food distribution and key ports to guarantee supplies of basic goods and medicines amid increasing shortages and mounting unrest.

Idiots Note: Economic collapse happens when the functions of it distribution destroyed. As we see in Venezuela, means no access to basic self-preservation essentials like food, water, electricity and over-all utilities. With no law and order rioteer looters rampage through the village/city streets in anarchy. Those working for the state simply stop showing up for work because there is no money to pay them. In Venezuela, the people responsible for maintaining utility facilities are not around to ensure the water is safe to drink. Survival tips: Water Preparedness a priority.

Nicolas Maduro Mystic-20

Venezuela civilians wait 7 hours in line just to get access to food,  or  simply storm supermarkets looking for scraps,  Once the inevitable food poisoning hits, there is no toilet paper.

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