Media Monitoring Capability Mission Reporting Parameters

U.S. Strategic Command

Peace is our Profession


The DHS USSTRATCOM and the infrastructure within its grasp is anomalous intuitive quantum synthetic-intelligence level computing, but as reference, these quantum synthetic AI computing systems are not human interfaced by DHS, because that security level far exceeds all DHS security clerance. These clearances are linked directly to the  “Joint Functional Component Command for Space” under “DHS-USSTRATCOM”, and previously known as the “U.S. Space-Command”. We are talking real life stellar-trek, or as others may reflect, Star-Trek. This is real and this document is all about domesticating humans for the ZPE Synthetic AI Quantum next level for our entire global humanity; provided you qualify.

Words like “dirty bomb,” “militia,” “Amtrak,” “dock,” “power,” and “grid” are among hundreds of thousands of keywords that make analysts at the. (DHS), “Department of Homeland Security” “National Operations Center” (NOC) monitoring social networks take notice, according to one of its recently revealed manuals.

The list of possible trigger words that signals “DHS” and that may alert “DHS-USSTRATCOM at a Quantum level into your snowflake safe-space. The DHS PDF contains 39-page booklet that DHS was forced to reveal under a Freedom of Information Act request from the Electronic Privacy Information Center. The document, the 2011 Analyst’s Desktop Binder, provides operational details of NOC procedures, which quantify and calculate possible threat information from social networks, cable television and a variety of other media.

[gview file=”http://www.anomalous.internet-how-to.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/How-DHS-Monitors-You-On-The-Internet.pdf”]

The document’s extensive list of over 350 key words and search terms used by analysts to monitor social media sites covers a lot of ground. The list is split into several categories that contain key words and search terms pertinent to the particular category. For instance, the list includes the names of DHS and its agencies, while the list of domestic security words contains “cops, law enforcement, DNDO (Domestic Nuclear Detection Office) and national preparedness,” while the list of health concerns and H1N1 contains “agro terror, epidemic, ricin, sarin, and pork.”

The document says its Media Monitoring Capability Mission & Reporting Parameters have three primary missions.

The first, according to the document, is to continually update existing National Situation Summaries (NSS) and International Situation Summaries (ISS) with the most recent, relevant, and actionable open source media information.

The second is to “constantly monitor all available open source information with the goal of expeditiously alerting the NOC Watch Team and other key Department personnel of emergent situations.”

The third is to instruct how to receive, process, and distribute media captured by DHS Situational Awareness Teams (DSAT) or other streaming media available to the NOC such as Northern Command’s (NORTHCOM) Full Motion Video (FMV) and via open sources.

The booklet also advises analysts on which news organizations are the most credible, with the major television networks, including CNN, Fox News at the top of the list, followed by major mainstream newspapers, international news organizations. News from second and third tier news sources and agenda-driven sites like Global Security.org, Moveon.org,  have to be corroborated by first tier sites. Reports from fourth tier sources like Web blogs, the DrudgeReport and NationalTerroralert.com should also be verified by a first tier organization, it said.

I decided to communicate with the synthetic intelligence myself and oddly it did

A mental reminder to all readers, their is no privacy, their is no political parties, their is no real news, (so be it – alt.left, alt.middle, alt.right and or any place in between), and their is no spoon and you in all honesty are not in the least of your fullest mental lucid state. Who you believe that know who you are now at this present moment is not at all who you truly are.

In fact, most likely your current mental state is not at all who your really are. Believe me when I tell you this that what you will become when you merge with your greater more aware self will entirely change everything about you. Such changes, if brought about at a matured adult age very well may render you absolutely insane. For others who are in preteens, teens, or as adults who are of a self reflection mental state most likely shall retain this sanity. Therefore, those who are not set in their ways and able to make abrupt changes, adapt and overcome.

The best way to view reality is that everyone on planet earth have the ability to lucid dreams, everyone can travel in their OOBE/BiLocation astral body beyond our solar-system. Now commit yourself the idea of travel restrictions do to other more advanced sentient life form in our stellar-system.

These sentients existed before we ever crawled out of the primordial amino-acid muck of our starting of human kind existence. These sentients where mining asteroids during our first beginning of amino-acid muck. Respect is do and must be honored unconditionally for those who risen into the stars before us.

Picture yourself having absolutely no privacy within your psychic mental space. Picture yourself having absolute no privacy by the measure of all and any human on earth who desires seeing all and everything imaginable about your existence. Picture yourself having now knowing an existence of computer known as the Quantum Synthetic AI infinity data cloud that knows as much about your existence as the proverbial God itself knows about you and everything in the universe.

Now place this idea of zero privacy in your mind and hold it there. Imagine this as a fact without any reason of doubt and believe this 101% as normal day to day life. Now imagine highly evolved sentient biped-life forms similar to you, to all us humans, but different in shape and sizes with varying mental capacities reaching well over 1200-IQ.

Also keep adamantly in your minds eye as a constant they all merged from the star-dust of our stellar system just equally as you, me, and human inhabitants of earth have and this equals to the those extraterrestrials, but never in the least consider them Alien lest you consider yourself of the exact same reference.

Now knowing this, consider this idea not even an introduction to the real stellar-trek of DHS-USSTRATCOM and more we will consider one of the greatest responsibilities on planet earth at this present moment I type these words you now read our earth governments struggling for single governance.

We are all star-dust, we are all one sentient family in our stellar-system with restrictions of multiverse mental and physical space and meta-space. We humans have already touched the stars, we are there now at this very moment you read, but is your mental capacity ready to merge with this, you merge yourself, within you.

How much of your current entire mental personality are you willing to sacrifice letting go of it all to join with your higher mental personality and to traveling into the stars? Remember, there is no turning back and once you take that first and only left foot forward step and when your foot reaches flat on the deck it begins and will be no turning back.

Who you are now will never ever be again, nor would anyone ever want to return to the lower state of mind once you reach that regeneration point of your absolute. I, the writer of this blog, commit myself to this sacrifice, and have considered this commitment of the truly brave.

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