Extreme vetting France-Germany

Donald Trump: Extreme vetting France-Germany

Donald Trump discusses the current ISIS threat in Europe and the most recent terror attacks, specifically in France.

Donald Trump negotiates immigration will encounter Extreme Vetting for France Germany before processed by United States Customs to enter the United States of America.

Noted that the European countries are compromised by extremist terrorists gives call to action Extreme Vetting processes is needed.

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In a tale of wit and word, business magnate Donald Trump reveals the secrets of his genius, the might of his net worth, and the slogan that will make his political foes squirm. He is a man on a mission and he won’t take no for an answer.

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France and Germany is blamed for this terrorism harming their sovereignty and suffering of their natural born citizens.

He iterated; It’s their own fault,  They allowed people to come into their territory, Donald Trump said..

Anti-nationalist oppositions supported Donald Trump statements that it isn’t wrong to blame immigration policy for the terrorism rocking France and Germany.

As for “extreme vetting,” it’s not clear what Trump has in mind to make American great again and safe.

Opposition parties doubt that the U.S. has anything to fear with a low percent of French and Germans who are non-Muslims.


The globalist cabal have elected politicians with bad immigration policies make them no threat to us and only to themselves.


The French women and children could pass customs immigrations checks in the event of “extreme vetting.” These citizens are natural born citizens and raised in Europe is a cake-walk.

Fortunately, the women and children of all EU is already friendly sovereign nationalists ripe for U.S. citizenship.

Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump was welcomed by hundreds of supporters after landing his private Boeing 757 at Mesa Gateway Airport in Phoenix, Arizona, Wednesday.