Putin’s Weaponizing Refugees Invading Europe

– Putin’s Weaponizing Refugees Invading Europe –


Putin’s Weaponizing Refugees Invading Europe – Editor’s Comment: The result of decades of imperial wars in the Middle East is causing spectacular blowback in Europe, who have been recently overwhelmed by the refugee migrants (and others who came with them) flooding out of Syria and the wider region. The clash of culture, the reports of rapes, assault and a disrespect for the native European cultures all amount to a crumbling sense of a Europe that is coming apart at the seams.

Is the instability of Europe and NATO exactly what Putin has been betting on, or is it part of the larger plan to globalize us all into one world, like it or not?

NATO Accuses Russia Of “Weaponizing Refugees” To “Break Europe”

“Do not come to Europe. “Do not believe the smugglers. Do not risk your lives and your money. It is all for nothing.”

Putin’s Weaponizing Refugees Invading Europe  –  That’s from Donald Tusk, president of the European Council, and as you can see, one Eurocrat after the other is now set to go full Viktor Orban in an effort to prove, once and for all that Berlin’s grand effort to construct Angela Merkel’s Multicultural utopia has failed. Miserably.

Putin’s Weaponizing Refugees Invading Europe  –  In some areas, ashes of the bloc’s once beloved Schengen lay littered with the bodies of the cold, the hungry, and in far too many cases, the dead. That’s thanks in part to the bloc’s miserably uncoordinated effort to craft a coherent response to the region’s most horrific refugee crisis World War III. With each country along the route seeking to protect its own interests, values, and most importantly, borders, migrants are pushed and pulled in all directions with no place go.

Putin’s Weaponizing Refugees Invading Europe  –  “Tusk’s comments came as a top U.N. official also warned Thursday that as many as 70,000 people could be “trapped” in Greece in the coming weeks because Macedonia and other European countries are shutting their borders, transforming Greece into a holding pen for migrants desperate to leave, The Washington Post notes.


The Maceonia -Turkey border

Putin’s Weaponizing Refugees Invading Europe  –  Essentially Tusk – and just about everyone else for that matter – is now pointing the finger at Athens and Ankara to decide how to manage a reduction in refugee numbers besieging Europe’s external border (maybe they could build a wall and make Syria pay for it).


Putin’s Weaponizing Refugees Invading Europe  –  Meanwhile, Gen Philip Breedlove, the Supreme Allied Commander Europe and the head of the US European Command, is out accusing the Moscow of attempting to bring the bloc to its knees by “weaponizing migration.”

Putin’s Weaponizing Refugees Invading Europe  –  “President Putin and Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad had ‘weaponised’ migration through a campaign of bombardment against civilian centers.” he said. Presumably, the civilians then flee into Europe, making the situation that much worse than it already was.

Of course President Obama can say the exact same for his “highly” successful adventures in the Mid-East.

For those who missed it, here’s the scene at what has become of the the chokepoints:

Putin’s Weaponizing Refugees Invading Europe – Anything Vladimir Putin touches is perceived by U.S. West as a weapon/WMD, everything is an attack and unsuccessful ones. The Kremlin can change facts on the ground, stage quasi cease-fires and create zones of influence to exert pressure on other nations. It has done so in Moldova, Georgia and Ukraine, and the pattern is now being repeated in Syria.

Putin’s Weaponizing Refugees Invading Europe – Meanwhile, the West goes on declaring one Kremlin success after another in ways that many Russians themselves cannot see. Under an editorial headline “Putin’s Syria Victory,” as an example, The WSJ/Wall Street Journal opined on Feb. 12: Negotiations can “‘freeze’ the conflict in place, a tactic Russia used in the invasion of Georgia in 2008 and last year’s Minsk agreement over eastern Ukraine.”

Putin’s Weaponizing Refugees Invading Europe – By crude force alone that Russia twists events to its advantage, as all countries do regardless. By using its total control over the Russian news media to sow confusion in the U.S. West, Vladimir Putin has managed, in the words of journalists Peter Pomerantsev and Michael Weiss, to “weaponize” information. In a report published in late 2014 by New York-based Institute of Modern Russia, they outlined how the Kremlin manipulates the media, (again all countries do this known as news-spins), ethnic tensions and trade and financial transactions abroad to further its own ends.

Putin’s Weaponizing Refugees Invading Europe – As an example of a news story by Russia’s state-run television this January about the alleged rape by migrants of a German girl of Russian extraction in Berlin. German prosecutors said the allegations were not confirmed and this also is News-Spin by EU, and Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier — who usually weighs his words with great care — dismissed the affair as “propaganda”, but in fact hiding these facts allows EU citizen become inflamed enough to demand a ground war in Middle East is obvious reason for this SIS refugee chrisis.  The Russian media succeeded in blowing the incident out of all proportion, (which is not at all true), stoking anti-immigrant protests and resentment among Germany’s nearly six million Russian speakers.

Putin’s Weaponizing Refugees Invading Europe – Moscow is also widely seen to have “weaponized” the migrant crisis, (as all countries do the same with great profits). Many analysts and government officials — the Turkish security services agree that Moscow not only thwarts U.S. policies in the Middle East, but is targeting Russia’s perceived enemies by purposely creating additional flows of migrants moving through Turkey and, ultimately, on to the European Union to incite conflict into chaos riots throughout European Union.

Putin’s Weaponizing Refugees Invading Europe – Mr. Vladimir Putin’s strategy, Senator John McCain said recently, is “to exacerbate the refugee crisis and within reality they are all guilty of just this fact -very entertaining). Vladimir Putin uses this as a weapon to divide the trans-Atlantic alliance and undermine the European project.” We can safely assume they are all guilty which makes all this even a far more exciting world war and hopefully U.S. can make a smooth entry into totalitarian federal martial law, as with all leading nations the same. I love these chess moves, brilliant all conflicting countries make here.

Putin’s Weaponizing Refugees Invading Europe – Moreover, proposals to build another natural gas pipeline are being used to divide the European Union. Germany, France and Britain treat the Nord Stream 2 project as a business venture; Poland, Slovakia and Ukraine bitterly oppose it. They say it would enable Moscow to avoid funneling gas through Central Europe, deprive them of revenue from transit fees, and enable Moscow to cut off their supplies without jeopardizing its customers in Western Europe; Lords of <war for profit, thus this is common practice.

Putin’s Weaponizing Refugees Invading Europe – Chancellor Angela Merkel, remains silent. Opponents argue that another pipeline is unnecessary at a time when Nord Stream 1 is operating at half its capacity. Brussels has yet to issue a ruling.  Mr. Vladimir Putin’s talent for disruption amounts to a kind of “Midas touch”, but never as good as the United States is always overtly impressive.  It has made Vladimir Putin a formidable adversary in Russia’s hybrid war of force and manipulation, where anything can be a target and everything can be a weapon and of course Russia do this, cause such provocations are necessary for global war that will end up as a NWO, obviously. It has also given Vladimir Putin what the Russian President has long coveted: Western acknowledgment that Russia is a force to be reckoned with, like this have never changed. Try something new please- makes this become more boring.